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Thank you for taking the time to visit my site.

The best way to describe myself is someone that loves making things.

Like any craftsman, I pride myself on attention to detail with precision engineering, and of course a product that looks and feel beautiful. 

I practice in  in Kew and Chobham. I have been privileged to be a general dentist in the same practice for 14years providing care for the whole family. Over this time my particular philosophy has been recognised by my dental colleagues, who refer patients to me for specific items of complex care. 

I aim to ensure each patient's individual problems are resolved, by listening and providing a comfortable environment for all my patients. This may be fixing your teeth to allow you to eat meals with friends without discomfort; to be able to smile confidently on a close up selfie; to be confident at work presentations and meetings; or just be proud of your smile.

I take a view that our teeth and oral health are a function of our overall health and wellbeing.

My clinic's have embraced technology (such as microscopes) so I won't be drilling big holes in your teeth. Instead we do things differently by rebuilding and regenerating. This unique style means we can provide you with more comfortable, higher quality and predictable dentistry which looks and feels like your own.

A glimpse of my thoughts on general health?

I firmly believe in a healthy mind, body and soul. I will always consider patients' general diet and habits when formulating plans. I use modern, scientific techniques with a holistic approach to achieve the aspirations of my patients.

This is of particular importance when rehabilitating patients with worn and broken down teeth.

Click here to learn more about The Mouth-A Reflection on our General Health

Outside of work

I enjoy the company of friend's and family , and am kept particularly busy by the latter.

I keep fit, participating in triathlon. You may well see me riding or jogging home from work, or taking a dip in the open water lake at Shepperton.

What makes me smile?

This is easy: a short strong double espresso (Italian style)

The small things in life....

A decent pint of ale, a good meal and cycling home (on a dark clear crisp evening) but mostly my wonderful wife and children.

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