What is Tooth Wear

Worn teeth are a common problem, erosive wear is a condition that affects up to 30% of people.

Teeth are made up of a hard outer layer- Enamel which is tough like marble and a softer inner layer like sandstone.  However these can wear just like pebbles on a beach. The tooth can slowly dissolve if it’s surrounded by acid

Erosion starts when minerals are removed from your teeth and softens the enamel

The ingredients for re-hardening your teeth are found in saliva and fluoride in toothpastes so the softening can be repaired 


The wear can affect all teeth and results in:

+Sensitivity- stopping you from enjoying cold drinks on warm Summer evenings.

+Weakened enamel resulting in chipped and worn teeth which cause rough areas that cut on the tongue and repeat visits to the dentist.

+Translucent (thin) front teeth which will look aged

+Yellow teeth as the enamel wears thin.

How did I get erosive tooth wear?

One of the most common ways to wear away the tooth is by drinking and eating acidic drinks and foods outside meal times.

CITRUS ACID; oranges, lemons, wine

VINEGAR: such as pickles, balsamic, salad dressings, SV crisps

FIZZY: fizzy water, fizzy drinks such as Prosecco


Damage can also be caused by stomach acid:

Vomiting: with conditions such as bulemia

Acid reflux   this is very common and usually presents with Heartburn. This is a great website with more information.          https://gutscharity.org.uk/advice-and-information/symptoms/heartburn-and-reflux/