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Microscopic Root Canal

Ronit always takes his time, and his first-class communication and people skills ensure the patient is always at ease. He genuinely cares for your well-being, is excellent with children, and discusses procedures with real clarity. 

Tan Karim


Smile Rehabilitation


“With cosmetic Dentistry today, there is no reason that you cannot have a smile that you feel great about.

Our only goal is to let you have a healthy and fantastic looking smile which lets you feel confidently smile, and eat whatever you like.”

Dr Ronit has been creating bespoke smiles based on 3 principles:

- your character, age and facial appearance

- your dental health as a foundation

- preserving your natural tooth structure

General Dentistry


Dr Ronit believes in carrying out all his dentistry to top standards- should this be simple fillings or more complex treatments.

Other dentists have recognised his advanced techniques and so refer their own patients to him for specific complex items.


"Ronit is always very approachable to discuss complex cases and he will look after your patients with utmost detail whilst delivering high quality dentistry. I am in awe with his work!"


Dr Ronit carries out Root Canal Treatment beyond the scope of general dentists. Patients are normally referred by there own dentist for this specific item and subsequently returned for their routine care.


He utilises state of the art equipment and has a gentle hand, to ensure that your visit is comfortable and quick.

Precision dentistry designed for you. Referral dentist. Root canal. Aesthetic Rehabilitation. Composite bonding. Toothwear.


BDS MJDF (Lon 2005)   GDC: 85937

The best way to describe Ronit is someone that loves making things. Like any craftsman, he prides himself on attention to detail and creating work that looks and feels beautiful.

He has practised for over 17 years in Australia and Surrey. Over this time, his unique skills & philosophy have been recognised by dental colleagues, who now refer their own patients for specific items of complex care.

Ronit’s room is a calm and comfortable space. His patients will tell you that he takes the time to listen to your problem with clear explanations about the all the aspects of the treatment. This is complemented by having a team with the skills and knowledge to provide the best solution for you.

Skills and Experience

  • Referral Dentist – Over 40 dentists refer their patients to his care

  • Root Canal – over 4000 under microscope

  • Cosmetic Smile Makeovers

  • Aesthetic Composite Bonding

  • All complex and routine dentistry under an operating microscope – one of only a handful of dentists worldwide,

  • Routine family dentistry (for over 18yrs)

Positions and Affiliations

  • Lead Clinician Chobham Dental for over 15years

  • Regional Clinical Director Dental Partners

  • Study Club Director Dentinal Tubules

  • Clinical Mentor for dentists

  • Member of The American Association of Endodontists

  • Member of the British and European Endodontic Society

  • Member of the British Society of Restorative Dentists

Referring Dentists
Referring Practitioners:

I have been fortunate to develop a referral network of well established dentists. All referred patients are returned for routine care, and I will often refer onto clinicians for specific items (such as Orthodontics). If you are a patient/dentist and would like any further information about any particular dentists I will be happy to connect you.

Dr Peter Saunders
BUPADental Care Hampton Hill

Dr Saunders is a General Dentist & Prosthodontic Specialist based in the Richmond area for over 35 years.

"The quality, attention to detail and ease with which Dr Patel manages his patients means that I have full confidence in referring my patients for their Endodontic Treatment."

Dr Jason Burns
Whitehouse Dental Clinic

Jason has been a qualified since 1987. He has owned his own private practice in Kew since 1990. During that time, he has trained extensively in USA and Europe. His clinical skills, knowledge and vast experience attracts patients (including many dentists and dental ceramists) from around the UK for treatment.

Dr Steven Gentle
BUPA Dental Care Hampton Hill

Dr Gentle is a Specialist Oral Surgeon who takes referrals for surgical dentistry and implant dentistry.

Dr Nabel Mezier
The London Orthodontic Group Knightsbridge

Nabel is an experienced orthodontist, and user of various systems including the Damon system, Invisalign and lingual braces. He has worked in both NHS and private practice for over 15 years and his special interest is Lingual Orthodontics -Incognito and the Win systems- with which he enjoys treating many of his adult and growing patients.

Dr Sarah Felmingham
Ripley Dental and Orthodontic Practice

Specialist Orthodontist

Dr Marija Balaz Ivanovic
BUPA Dental Care Hampton Hill

I have been referring my patients for endo and complex restorative cases to Dr Ronit.
He is very knowledgeable and selfless in sharing his know how with colleagues, very approachable and happy to advise.
He gives results beyond expectations-a master of his trade. I know my patients are getting excellent level of care and they always come back smiling.
Dr Ronit really proves that dentistry in skilled hands can become an art.

Dr Chris Papoutsi

Chris takes a Scandinavian approach to dentistry and is an advocate of biomimetic dentistry: minimally invasive procedures that emulate the nature of patients’ teeth. This approach allows her to achieve maximum conservation of tooth structure and exceptional aesthetics. A keen interest in patient wellbeing, attention to detail, and a desire to always put every client in focus.

Dr Miraj Patel

Implant and Surgical Dentist and ex Principal of Dental Sense. He takes referrals for implants and surgical extractions.

“I have referred hundreds of composite cases over 15years. I have rarely seen any failures. He handles composite beautifully, but the knowledge of occlusion sets his restorations apart.”

Dr Omar Rana
Perfect Smile Bracknell

Dr Rana is an experienced General dentist in Surrey and Berkshire, providing general dentistry and Invisalign.

"Dr Ronit is an exceptional clinician whose attention to detail ensures his patients routinely receive outstanding, successful and pain free dentistry."

Dr Misha Amin
Dental PartnersChobham

Misha is a Dentist with a Special Interest in Orthodontics who I routinely work alongside.

“I can not fault Ronit's attention to detail, and knowing that I don't have to worry about complications when my patients return, gives me peace of mind."

Dr Purvi Sharma
Dental Partners Chobham

Dr Sharma is a general dentist

"Always there when I need him"

Dr Mandi Pal
BupaDentalCare HamptonHill

Dr Krystle Patel
BUPA Dental Care Hampton Hill

Krystle is a General Dentist based in Bupa Dental Care Hampton Hill

Referring for 5 years

Dr Priya Sagar
BUPA Dental Care Hampton Hill

Dr Sagar is a General Dentist based in Hampton Hill.

"I trust my family in his care"

Abuzar Arjoman Nia
Bupa Dental Care Kingston

Prior to qualifying in dentistry from King’s College London, Abuzar gained a BSc (Hons) in Pharmacology from the University of Bristol, helping him to build a strong foundation in biomedical sciences.

I have had the pleasure of referring patients to Ronit who has achieved amazing root canal outcomes for the patients involved. He's also an amazing educator whom I have learnt many lessons from. His attention to detail and passion for what he does is exemplary, and I look forward to liaising with him for future cases.

Dr Rashmi Adhikaria
Dental Partners Worcester Park

Rashmi is a General Dentist based in Southwest London.

“I refer to Ronit because his high level of skill ensures my patients get the best outcomes."

Dr Darshna Doshi
Dental Partners Worcester Park

Darshna is a general practitioner in South London

"Ronit is always very approachable to discuss complex cases and he will look after your patients with utmost detail whilst delivering high quality dentistry. I am in awe with his work!"

Dr Kreena Patel
BUPA Dental Care Croydon

Kreena is a General Dentist based in Bupa Dental Care Croydon and Worcester Park Dental Sense. She has a Postgraduate qualification in Endodontics

Ronit is a highly experienced clinician and pays close attention to detail. I feel confident in referring my patients to him and have had lots of positive feedback from them. He is also great at problem solving and is always on hand to give a second opinion and advice on more complex cases.

Dr Neda Holjat
Dental Partners Worcester Park

Dr Neda received her DDS in 2009 and completed her master’s degree in Dental science for clinical practice from Queen Mary University in 2015. She was awarded the Royal college of surgeon of England License in Dental Surgery (LDS RCS Eng). She is clinical lecture at Barts and the London school of medicine and dentistry.

I have referred to Ronit because of his hight clinical skill and experience. He is always there to help and give advice in complex cases.

Dr Jasdeep Kandola
Chobham Dental Partners

Ronit is a fantastic clinician who I often refer to for root canal and complex restorative cases. I trust him with my patients and my own teeth! He has a true passion for what he does and is always happy to share his keen insights with patients and clinicians alike.

Dr Vian Yousseff
Perfect Smile Hammersmith

Dr Yousseff is a popular General Dentist based in Bupa Dental Care Kingston

I have trusted Ronit for 8 years to do the best for my patients.

Dr Dina Haloob
Vivian Avenue Dental (Hendon)

Principal dentist in Vivian Dental Clinic in North London with 15 years experience in General Practice as well as Implant dentistry.

“I've referred to Ronit for over 4 years. I have great trust in his skill and expertise, which my patient's have all experienced."

Dr Arthie Samueli
Bupa Dental Care Kingston

Dr Arthie is a General Dentist based in epsom and Kingston

Dr Simon Jeffries
previous referrer

Simon's special interests include endodontics, minimally invasive preparation, smile design and facial aesthetics.
Simon qualified from Guy’s Hospital, London in 1977. Simon is a member of the practitioner performance panel and part of the Kingston and Richmond Local Dental Committee.


Dr Phillip Price
BUPA Dental Care Hampton Hill

Dr Price is an established General Dentist based in Hampton Hill, with over 35 years experience in Practices across Southwest London.

Dr Andrew Cunningham
previous referrer

Long standing dentist in the Wimbledon and Kingston area. A great character and clinician.

Referred for 5 years

Dr Minesh Patel
previous referrer

World class cosmetic dentist

As a dentist I am very happy and feel safe referring my patients to this practice for advanced root canal services. The practice has excellent equipment and Ronit is very friendly and down to earth and all my patients who return following root canal always say wonderful things about him and the service they received. I would recommend the referral service available at Dental Sense for any outside practitioner and encourage new patients in the area to join if they are looking for friendly and skilled dentists.

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